Enjoy outstanding flavor from these wholesale decaf coffees. You’ll find a wide variety of roasts and flavors – all decaffeinated.

Bistro Blend ® Decaf Coffee

Not long after I developed our Bistro Blend, an employee asked, “David, Bistro is so popular, why don’t we have a Bistro Decaf?” That’s all it took and I came up with a decaffeinated version using the same three coffees (South and Central American coffees with a bit of dark roasted beans). It’s been a …

Colombia Decaf Coffee

Silky smooth and with a nutty finish. You’ll enjoy this Colombian any time of day. It is fragrant, mellow and brews a remarkably well-rounded cup of coffee. Kosher.

Dave’s Decaf Coffee

I must admit that I didn’t pay much attention to decaffeinated coffees until I turned 40. Regular coffee started keeping me up all night if I drank it after 6 PM. I then spent a lot of time selecting great decafs and roasting them to perfection. This is my favorite—a blend of Sumatran and Espresso …

Espresso Classico Decaf Coffee

Naturally decaffeinated Espresso Roast coffee. Smooth and sweet, this decaf is roasted very dark brown in color, giving you a slightly caramel flavor with spicy overtones. It has been said that decaffeinated coffee does not produce a crema. When brewed properly you’ll be amazed. Freshness is the key! Decaffeinated using natural ethyl acetate derived from …

Ethiopia Decaf Coffee

Enjoy the distinctive floral aroma with its fruity brightness. This varietal has an elegant, sweet and clean finish. Kosher.

French Roast Decaf Coffee

This is the very darkest of the decafs. With its bittersweet flavor and spicy overtones, you’ll find this southern-European style coffee makes an excellent complement to chocolate and rich desserts but without the caffeine. Kosher.

Kobos Company Blend Decaf Coffee

You can drink this coffee into the wee hours of the morning. This complex yet smooth and balanced blend consists of Central & South American beans. Kosher.

Komodo, Organic Fair Trade Decaf Coffee

This fairly traded coffee has flavor notes of dry spice, chocolate, hazelnut and caramel. You’ll find it to be balanced, sweet and complex. Decaffeinated using only pure water and an activated charcoal filter. Kosher.

Midnight Espresso Decaf Coffee

Our absolute darkest espresso blend. It pulls a deep and intense shot. Kosher.

Peru, Organic Fair Trade Decaf Coffee

Decaffeinated using only pure water and an activated charcoal filter. It is a bit milder in flavor than the regular Organic Peru Penachi with a nutty aroma. Shade grown & bird friendly. Kosher. The Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) certifies this coffee.

Sumatra Mandheling Decaf Coffee

Deeply rich in earthy flavor, this decaf is also quite low in acid when compared with other coffees. Only a Sumatran could deliver flavor and body like this in a decaffeinated coffee. Kosher.

Vienna Roast Decaf Coffee

Roasted until oils just rise to the surface. The resulting decaf coffee has an outstanding body, acidity and aroma. You’ll find a wonderful spiciness in the brewed cup. It is a wonderfully versatile coffee – ideal for when you want dark, but not too dark. Kosher.