Indulge in the darker – sometimes spicier, sometimes earthier – side of coffee.  Whether you select the lighter Vienna Roast or the blackest Double Dark French, our dark roast wholesale coffees have a special quality that can only be achieved through roasting technique.

Caffe Monteverdi Coffee

We developed a special roasting technique just for this unique blend. You’ll find the beans of this coffee to be exceptionally dark – darker than a French Roast. And yet, they have a surprisingly smooth finish devoid of the bitterness often associated with such a dark coffee. Enjoy the immense full body. Kosher.

Double Dark French Roast Coffee

As dark a coffee as you’re ever likely to experience. Double Dark French Roast is taken to the brink of the master coffee roaster’s limit – that moment just before the oils escaping from the beans burst into flames. It is a coffee skirting the edge of danger with a supremely intense smokiness and immensely …

French Roast Coffee

With its bittersweet flavor and spicy overtones, you’ll find this southern-European style coffee makes an excellent complement to chocolate and rich desserts. Kosher.

French Roast, Organic Fair Trade Coffee

The deep dark roast of the beans dominate this coffee’s flavor profile. It is the darkest of our organic coffee — bittersweet with a spice overlay. Organic French Roast is an ideal after dinner coffee. Kosher. Certified by The Organic Crop Improvement Association.

Italian Roast Coffee

See yourself in a small, bustling, dimly lit coffee house — intense conversations all around. This is the coffee to drink. Italian Roast is sharp, even aggressive, with a heavy flavor. If you like a high degree of spice with a dark, smooth, charcoal-like flavor that explodes on your tongue, you’ll love this great roast. …

Vienna Roast Coffee

Vienna Roast coffee is roasted until oils just rise to the surface. This coffee has a distinctly rich body and character. It is a wonderfully versatile coffee – ideal for when you want dark, but not too dark. Kosher.