You’ll taste the care that went into each of these unique and flavorful coffee blends. Every variety of bean in your blend was individually roasted before being blended with another. This separate roasting ensures that each variety’s flavor characteristics come through in the final mix.

Bed & Breakfast Blend Coffee

Two distinct Central American varietals are blended together with an earthy Indonesian bean to produce this wonderfully rich coffee. Enjoy its perfect balance of body and aroma with a silky smooth finish. Kosher.

Bistro Blend ® Coffee

Way back in 1978 a local chef asked me to come up with a unique blend of beans. He wanted “a rich after dinner coffee with just a hint of dark roast flavor.” I came up with this beautiful blend of South American and African coffees with a bit of dark roasted beans thrown in. …

Black & White Coffee

In the mid 1980’s a prominent Portland chef asked me to develop a special blend for his restaurant. He suggested that one of the coffees be roasted very light. I put the light roast together with a regular-roast Central American and some dark-roast espresso. A blend of three different coffees in three different roasts. It’s …

Everyman Blend Coffee

When I began roasting coffee back in 1973, I was impassioned by how beans grown in one area of the world could produce a cup of coffee with flavors and aromas so distinct from beans grown in another area. This interest led me to ask my customers questions about what they liked best in a …

Kobos Company Blend Coffee

This complex yet smooth and balanced blend is ideal for all-day sipping. It consists of Central & South American beans. This was the very first blend we sold. Kosher.

Pioneer Blend Coffee

A bold and spirited blend of flavorful, earthy Indonesian beans with deeply dark and spicy French Roast. This coffee is extraordinarily rich, complex and aromatic – fitting for the trailblazers of yesteryear and those of today. Kosher.

River City Blend Coffee

This is a wonderful example of the artistry involved in blending great coffee. Beans in three different roasts and from around the globe – Central America, Africa, South America and Indonesia – are carefully combined. The result is one of our most popular coffees. Kosher.

Uptown Blend Coffee

The combination of light and dark roasted coffees from both Central and South America produces the dark rich flavor of our Uptown Blend. A customer favorite. Kosher.